Aerial photos are obtained through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) with the photo camera mounted on a gyroscopic mechanism (gimbal).

The flight can be carried out either by the operator with the use of remote control or autonomously with flight planning software.

Aerial photos’ resolution up to 36 MP and aerial video up to HD or 4K resolution.


  • Constructional studies 
  • Monitoring the progress of construction projects
  • Promotion of archaeological sites
  • Architectural studies to restore neoclassical buildings and traditional villages
  • Surveying of inaccessible areas such as quarries, areas with landslide activity, water covered areas etc. 
  • Surveying of objects such as high voltage pillars, wind turbine blades, furnaces etc.
  • Commercial presentation of private properties-hotels 
  • Promotion of tourist locations and sights


  • Flights carried out shortly after the assignment
  • Lower costs
  • Capture of high-altitude aerial images with small to no speed
  • Stable flight which leads to images of high resolution
  • Flight over inaccessible areas, dangerous for manned vehicles

The images are processed as requested by the client and photo albums suitable for presentations are printed.

Our equipment is continuously renewed in order to provide high quality services.

The flights are executed by an experienced operator, strictly complying with security regulations.