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Costas Patilokostopoulos and Dimitris Stasinos establish their office in Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece to provide techinal services in the area of infrastructure development. The previous 10-year experience of the team members in road studies and land surveing sets the foundation for cooperation. The customers include the public and private sector.  

Their activity covers:

  • Implementation of road designs and land surveing for trasnportation studies as contractors or subcontractors.
  • Monitoring of technical works.
  • Providing technical consultation on various infrastructure projects.
  • Supporting real estate projects.


A long cooperation with major wind farm developers begins in addition to the support, on the spot, at construction sites.


After extensive research and testing, 2012 is the year that the office begins to use unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV, to systematically carry out aerial mapping projects using aerial photography.

The years that follow are focused on UAV use for a multitude of applications including:

  • Detailed mapping of elaborate facades of buildings and monuments and archaeological excavations on large-scale orthophoto maps.
  • The mapping of inaccessible or even high-risk areas.
  • Monitoring the progress of civil works and infrastructure projects.
  • Surveying large areas.


The team is increasing its experience based on the developments of technology and remains a player of many large scale infrastructure projects in Greece and has opened new horizons in the international market as well.

Costas Patilokostopoulos

With a degree from the Department of Surveying Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece,  in 1998 and postgraduate studies M.Sc. in G.I.S from the University of Nottingham begins 20 years of experience with Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Topography.

1996 During his studies at NTUA he  starts to work for the technical company “ERATOSTHENES Ltd.” for the project “Inspection of Agricultural Crops for govenmental funding using Satellite pictures”. His main responsibilities included:  geometric distortion corrections, supervised classification and photointerpretation of satellite images.

1998 He joined the office GEOPLAN Co. responsible for digitizing HMGS’s cartographic maps on a scale of 1:50.000 .

1999 He works as a freelancer on various projects concerning topographic surveys and road studies for technical companies and road design firms.

2001 He teams up with experienced Surveying Engineer Dimitris Stasinos to create a technical office in Athens, Greece. Fully equipped to undertake survey and road studies and to monitor and support technical projects in collaboration with major construction companies.

2004 His experinece with wind farm developers begins offering technical studies accompanied by support and monitoring of construction sites or counseling.

2011 With the use of unmanned aircraft (UAV) output and the appropriate software he specializes in photogrammetry.

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

He is married and has two children.


Dimitris Stasinos

His experience in the topography sector amounts 25 years in the most important Public Works of Greece.

With a degree in civil engineering from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, his love for the outdoors and the natural environment led him to the decision to work with surveying companies during his studies. His engagement with topography, in practice, begins.

1987 He becomes an external collaborator of the road design firm E. Vasileiou and Partners, as a member of the site service crew, surveying for road construction works throughout Greece.

1994 He starts his permanent cooperation with E. Vasileiou and Partners, having sole responsibility to manage projects such as topographic surveying for road construction and road studies of the New National Road, route Athens-Thessaloniki, while managing staff.

1999 He begins working freelance, undertaking similar projects for construction companies and collaborates with consultancy firm Anthonis Frantzeskakis.

2001 He teams up with experienced surveyor engineer Kostas Patilokostopoulos to set up a fully equipped technical office in Athens, Greece.

2004 He starts his working experience with wind farm developers supporting construction sites and offering technical consultation.

2011 His preoccupation with aerial photography pays off and experience with photogrammetry starts to build.

Member of the Scientific Association of Technological Education of Engineers.

Member of the Enduro Riders Association.

He is married and the father of two children.


Since the very establishment of the company its members are driven by four major goals:

  • High quality of technical services and consultancy
  • Customer communication and satisfaction
  • Time management and
  • Cost management  

The achievement of these objectives requires the constant development of its members technically and personally through innovation, education and experience.  As a result major indicators are improved including accuracy, productivity, time planning and cost controlling.

Safety and security is of upmost concern.

As a result of our philosophy and experience we offer solutions exclusively tailored to the customer needs and we build long lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

We own field and office equipment which is constantly updated  to meet the particularities and technical needs of the projects we undertake.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies we gain valuable time for our customers, while ensuring the integrity of the outcome of each project.

The equipment used in the field consists of conventional instruments -total station and dual-frequency GPS receivers – and a significant number of unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – and high resolution cameras 36MP.

We own all necessary equipment and specialized software to support all projects contracted.

DJI S800
DJI S1000

The company has partnerships with major infrastructure design and construction companies, having contracted and successfully implemented a high number of specific and demanding private investment projects in Greece and abroad. 

We have worked successfully with public sector mainly on archeological sites and promotion of touristic sites with local municipalities.

List available on demand.

Our Services

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Implementation of land surveys and computation of triangulation networks with the use of modern equipment, speed and accuracy.
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Based on years of experience we conduct road design studies in large-scale infrastructure projects in Greece and abroad.
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High resolution aerial photos and video produced by latest technology unmanned aerial vehicles are captured in order to cover our clients' every need.
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Photogrammetric surveys using drones produce orthophoto maps and 3D models for technical studies, archaeological sites, buildings, inaccessible areas etc.
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Our office provides full support during the construction works of any a project as well as after its completion using aerial and terrestrial methods.
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We present our clients documented proposals and specialised advice on technical matters, for public or private projects, leading to sound decisions.

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    Stasinos Dimitris
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